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Sodium Hydroxymethanesulfinate

Reliable sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate manufacturers. Taiwan sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate manufacturers. CATHAYLITE-C is Cathay's brand name of Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate.  It is a kind of white crystal in form of irregular lumps or in rice size, and powder. - The princ

Sodium Hydrosulfite

Internal sodium hydrosulfite manufacturers offer stable and reliable items.Taiwan sodium hydrosulfite manufacturers.Sodium Hydrosulfite is commercially known as "Hydro's or Hydrosulfite", it is a free flowing, dry, white uniformly crystalline powder.- Hydrosulfite is used extensively in the textile

Zinc Dust

Zinc dust manufacturers committed to safety and reliability. Taiwan zinc dust manufacturers .Zinc Dust (or named as Zinc Powder) is a pure zinc metal powder, grey in colour.  The particle shape is spherical. Specific gravity 7.1.- Chemicals: In the manufacture of hydrosulfites, dyes, butadience, chl