White Crystalline Sodium Hydrosulfite

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Sodium Hydrosulfite
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    Key Features

    Sodium hydrosulfite is a white crystalline powder with a weak sulfurous odor. This chemical substance is stable in the absence of air, but decomposes quickly in hot water and acid solutions. Contact us to buy sodium hydrosulfite in bulk.

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    Sodium Hydrosulfite is commercially known as "Hydro's or Hydrosulfite", it is a free flowing, dry, white uniformly crystalline powder.

    - Hydrosulfite is used extensively in the textile industry for vat dyeing, reducing cleaning, printing and stripping.

    - Sodium Hydrosulfite is also used as a bleaching agent for textile materials, such as silk, wool, and nylon, etc...

    - It can be used to bleach foodstuffs such as glatin, sugar, honey, wine and vegetables, etc...

    - It is also used for bleaching miscellaneous substances, such as soaps, oils, fats and china clay.

    - The preparation of dyestuffs and pharamaceuticals uses Sodium Hydrosulfite as reducing or bleaching agent.

    - Sodium Hydrosulfite is used as bleaching agent for woodpulp.