Zinc Dust

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Key Features

Zinc dust manufacturers committed to safety and reliability.

Taiwan zinc dust manufacturers .

Zinc Dust (or named as Zinc Powder) is a pure zinc metal powder, grey in colour.  The particle shape is spherical. Specific gravity 7.1.

- Chemicals: In the manufacture of hydrosulfites, dyes, butadience, chloroform, and hydrocarbons.  It is a kind of powerful reducing agent.

- Binders : In Zinc rich primers used as resistance primers.

- Anticorrosive paint : In the sheardizing process of Zinc coating and as a pigment in anticorrosive priming paint.  It is very good for making highgrade anti-rust paint.

- Formulation : As an ingredient of smoke producing composition.

- Disperion : In the extraction of gold from cyanide solution.

- Purification : In the purification of chemical solutions.