Dye industry - sodium hydroxymethanesulfinate

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Sodium Hydroxymethanesulfinate
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    It listed in the European Cosmetics Directive as sodium oxymethylene sulfoxylate (INCI). It is water-soluble and generally sold as the dihydrate. The compound and its derivatives widely used in the textile dyeing and dye industry.

    Reliable sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate manufacturers.

    Taiwan sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate manufacturers.

    CATHAYLITE-C is a brand name of Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate made by Cathay Chemical produced in Taiwan.  It is a kind of white crystal in form of irregular lumps or in rice size or in powder.

    - The principal use of CATHAYLITE-C is a powerful and stable high-temperature reducing agent for vat dyes in printing and dyeing processed.

    - It is used for discharge printing to give clear, sharp white or colored discharges on dyed grounds.

    - CATHAYLITE-C is also used for stripping of dyed fabrics.

    - As a delayed-action coagulant for rubber latex and as a reducing component of redox systems in emulsion polymerisation reactions.

    - Also used as a main auxiliary agent for synthetic rubber manufacturing.